3 Tips to Save Money While Traveling

Maybe you are waiting to travel until you have enough money to “do it right,” meaning luxury hotels, expensive meals, and lots of souvenirs. If so, you should change your philosophy. The object should not be to spend a lot of money on travel but to save it instead while still enjoying a quality trip. Best of all, you do not have to backpack country roads or stay in youth hostels to keep your expenses down. When you are planning your next trip, consider using the following budget-friendly tips.

Open an Account in a Travel-Friendly Bank

You’ll save a significant amount of money if you don’t have to pay expensive ATM fees wherever you go. Before leaving home, open an account in a bank that offers you unlimited ATM transactions abroad with no fees. Many online banks offer this perk. Depending on the length of your trip, this tip can save you hundreds of dollars. 

Stick to Local Cuisine

When in Rome, eat what the locals do - and avoid fancy restaurants or places aimed at tourists. Do not be afraid to try the street food as long as locals are eating it too. In Mexico or Japan, eat Mexican food and do not go looking for a hamburger or pizza. You’ll save money, and you’ll experience new foods while absorbing the culture. 

Use Public Transportation

Use public transportation just as the locals do. You’ll save a ton on taxis and rideshares while getting a taste of how actual people live in your vacation spot. If you have small children, you may need to use other options sometimes, but the bus or metro train will often meet your needs while saving you money. 

Remember, walking is the best way to see the sights while keeping off those extra vacation pounds. Don’t miss out on the scenery because you are in a car.

Final Thoughts

Saving money while traveling means you can go to more places and stay longer. Instead of wasting money on unnecessary items, put your cash into experiences while you are gone. Travel enriches you more than owning stuff ever will!