The Biggest Travel Trends to Watch in 2021

As vaccines roll out and case numbers drop, many people spend their free time researching trips and making travel plans after months of lockdowns. While there's no way to know exactly what the future holds, we can be sure that the post-pandemic era will transform the way people travel.

We've analyzed current trends and put together some of our predictions for travel in 2021.

Travelers Will Favor Destinations Close to Home

Americans will focus on domestic trips due to safety concerns and government warnings. You'll need more documentation for travel, and red tape will keep many people from considering destinations abroad. International travelers will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test, and you may have to endure an inconvenient quarantine period when entering another country or returning home.

Families are excited to visit relatives in other states after over a year limited to Zoom calls with distant loved ones. However, pandemic-related requirements may also affect interstate and local travel. Hawaii already requires vaccine passports for trips among the islands. 

People Will Take Longer Trips

After over a year of lockdowns, most folks are sick of being cooped up at home. Travelers won't be in a hurry to make the return trip once they've dealt with increased requirements.

More people see digital nomadism as a possibility, and slow travel will override brief trips. Americans will enjoy more extended vacations as many employers continue offering remote working options.

Nature and Wellness Retreats Will Remain Popular

Travelers who wish to avoid hassles will continue to choose staycations in areas of local interest. The outdoor travel trend shows no signs of stopping, and you'll want to make reservations early for popular campgrounds and RV parks. Summer vacation rentals will also see increased bookings for family gatherings in the countryside. 

The pandemic has forced most of us to concentrate on health concerns like never before. The increased focus on wellness will prompt many to take spa vacations and attend yoga retreats in rural settings. The emphasis on outdoor and wellness vacations will also encourage many to choose sustainable travel options.

You'll Get More Perks from Travel Companies

If you're willing to brave safety concerns and navigate red tape, you could receive impressive perks from travel companies. Airlines and hotels will offer more flexibility and relaxed cancellation policies. Tour companies will provide more fast-track services to make up for time lost in enhanced airport security.